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A simple graph is one in which there are no self loops and each pair of distinct vertices is connected by at most one edge. Let G be a simple graph on 8 vertices such that there is a vertex of degree 1, a vertex of degree 2, a vertex of degree 3, a vertex of degree 4, a vertex of degree 5, a vertex of degree 6 and a vertex of degree 7. Which of the following can be the degree of the last vertex ____ ?
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u r saying which of the following............... where are options
deepanshu option is not given that's why i couldn't understand the problem
so answer can be 2,4,6 any one of these terms ..
Answer must be 4, using havel Hakimi.

@ can you plz explain it 


 show how u done by havel hakimi

Typical hit and try.

Take 6 as degree then take 5 then 4 .. and so on..

Ull satify havel hakimi on 4.

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