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  1. UGCNET-DEC2018-II-200
  2. UGCNET-DEC2018-II-200
  3. UGCNET-DEC2018-II-200
  4. UGCNET-DEC2018-II-200

The grammar $S \rightarrow (S) \mid SS \mid \epsilon$ is not suitable for predictive parsing because the grammar is

  1. Right recursive
  2. Left recursive
  3. Ambiguous
  4. An operator grammar
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A grammar which have left recursive and right recursive on a specific Non-Terminal is Ambiguous grammar.

So, option C is preferrable.

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This grammar is Left as well as Right recursive, it is Ambiguous Grammar for sure.
Also, if you will try for some strings, you will be getting more than 1 ways for that, hence Ambiguous
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