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A token bucket scheme is used for traffic shaping. A new token is put into the bucket at every 10 $\mu$sec. Assume each token picks one packet which contains 2 bytes of data. It is observed that initial capacity of the bucket is 10 Mbits. The computer can transmit at the full speed of 8 Mbps for _________ (in seconds upto 2 decimal places)

Answer is 1.56.

Need the step by step procedure to go about this question
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initial capacity of token bucket is given as =$10^{7}$ bits

in every 10 $\mu$ sec => 1 token is added

in 10*$10^{-6}$ sec => 1 token is added

in 1 sec =>$10^{5}$ token added

token rate=$10^{5}$ tokens/sec.

1 token is equivalent to 16 (2*8) bits of data

due to token rate  we are able to send 16*$10^{5}$ bits/sec from the host.

suppose the host transmit at maximum rate (i.e. 8mbps) for t secs

total data sent by host in t secs= 8*$10^{6}$*t

this data must be equal to the original capacity of token bucket + data transferred in 't' time due to token rate

8*$10^{6}$*t = $10^{7}$ bits + 16*$10^{5}$*t


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