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Direction:Each data sufficiency problem consists of a question and two statements,labeled $(1)$ and
$(2)$,which contain certain data.Using these data and your knowledge of mathematics and everyday
fact(such as the number of days in july or the meaning of the word counterclockwise),decide whether
the data given are sufficient for answering the question and then indicate one of the following answer
$(A)$Statement $(1)$ alone is sufficient,but statement $(2)$ is not sufficient.

$(B)$Statement $(2)$ alone is sufficient,but statement $(1)$ is not sufficient.

$(C)$Both statements together are sufficient,but neither statement alone is sufficient.

$(D)$Each statement alone is sufficient.

$(E)$Statement $(1)$ and $(2)$ together are not sufficient.

$Q1)$ Is $x>y?$



$Q2)$ Is $m>n?$


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let x = 2

   y = 1

here ist  statement hold x^2 > y

 but 2nd statement doesn't hold the condition as

1.414 > 1

x = -2  , y = 1

is x > y ??

No its not but it holds the ist statement

(E) Statement (1) and (2) together are not sufficient.

Is it right ??

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