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I know about indirect addressing mode ,   Index addressing mode

but do not know about Indirect index addressing mode ?

in one solution of a question they told that Indirect index addressing mode does not add some constant value (base address etc ) while calculating the effective address 

i did not found it on google etc

explain Indirect index addressing mode

asked in CO and Architecture by Loyal (9.5k points)
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I think it will be indirect addressing mode in some extent

Can u give the question, then we can think further

this question was in test series . now it is not easy to find it again in the test series.

but know the whole question  that is

in that question,  given that the 6 addressing mode (1 to 6 dont remember all six but 3 of them in given in the above question) . and then they ask in how many of these addressing mode we have to add some constant value to calculate effective address

@srestha mam now i edited the comment 

I havenot got u clearly
there is no such addressing mode

In GATE , they will  not ask question like this , because this is not a general addressing mode, that developer used

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