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How may Moore/Mealy m/c are possible with two states X & Y for the input alphabet {a, b} and output alphabet {0, 1} , where x is always the initial state?
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2 Answers

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I think no. of Moore machines possible= 64

and No. of Mealy machines possible=256
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how number of mealy M/C will be 256? I think it will be 512
Yes it will be 512 when designated initial state is not there and here x is always initial state(as per question)

So we dont need to consider the seletion of initial state.Therefore 256.

okk i didn't noticed that ,but now why number of moore machines is 64? it should be 32 ,I am attaching an image also


In both Moore and Mealay you have taken just output to be X=0,Y=1 and X=1,Y=0 respectively.

But you forgot the other three combinations of (X,Y) i.e (0,0),(1,0),(1,1) for Moore and (0,0),(0,1),(1,1) for Mealay.That made the difference.
Thanks bro got it
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Mealy machine possible for m state and n output is mn+1

As here 2 output and two input state me have total number of mealy machines are 5

Moore machine can have atleast m states. So total number of Moore machine possible is 2
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