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Consider an instance of TCP's Additive Increase Multiplicative Decrease (AIMD) algorithm where the window size at the start of slow start phase is 2 MSS and the threshold at the start of 1 st transmission is 16 MSS. Assume TCP use over a lossy link i.e., timeout occur after transmission of 7 th packet. The congestion window size at the end of 14 RTT is ______ (in MSS).

[doubt- as here given window at the start of slow start phase is 2 MSS ;so when timeout occur should’nt we start with window size of 2 MSS]
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I think answer should be 18

1st transmission: 2

2st transmission: 4

3st transmission: 8

4st transmission: 16 { Threshold}

5st transmission: 18

6st transmission: 20

7st transmission: 22 {Time out occur new threshold =11 MSS}

8st transmission: 2

9st transmission: 4

10st transmission: 8 (Threshold)

11st transmission: 10

12st transmission: 12

13st transmission: 14

14st transmission: 16

15st transmission: 18 (Ans)

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