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Which of the following statements is false about $\text{link state routing (LS)}$, and $\text{distance vector routing (DV)}$
$S1:$ LS, DV both requires each router to obtain a map of the complete topology
$S2:$ DV requires flooding
$S3:$ DV suffers from the count to infinity problem
  1. Only $S1$
  2. Only $S1$ and $S3$
  3. $S1$ and $S2$
  4. Only $S2$ and $S3$
asked in Computer Networks by Boss (17.2k points) | 67 views

1 Answer

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DV do not require a map of complete topology. Each node in DV learns topology of its neighbours only.

DV do not require flooding and DV suffers from count to infinity problem.
answered by Boss (11k points)
do link state routing flooding ?

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