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A memory page containing a heavily used variable that was initialized very early and is in constant use is removed when
(a) LRU page replacement algorithm is used
(b) FIFO page replacement algorithm is used
(c) LFU page replacement algorithm is used
(d) None of the above

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LRU can't be used as the page is still is in use , so it will be in most high priority.

LFU can't be used as it has been accessed several time , it's frequency value will be larger.

FIFO can do it as it only considers the time the page came in RAM. So the page can be deleted by FIFO . also from that statement we can assume FIFO wasn't in use till now.

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(b) FIFO page replacement algorithm is used
Here, the first IN page is removed when pagetable is full regardless of the usage of the page. 


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