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I have completed almost 90% of subjects and I'm working professional.

From this point of time what should be my strategy.I should revise first or directly start with mock test or practice previous year questions .In many YouTube videos I see people telling give mock test in January.

What should be my strategy from now on.

Please suggest valuable suggestions which can boost my preparation.

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1) Spend next four days in revising/solving prev.yr questions.

2) After that start with mock tests, give around 10 mock tests in those 20 days.

3) Spend more time on analyzing your mistakes from those tests.

4) Analyze your weak topics and give subject-wise tests on those(if needed).

5) Do not study any new concepts in the last week.
I hope you are not among those who think watching videos ensure you cover the syllabus. Just give a good mock test and see if you have really covered 90%.

Thanks  @Arjun @balchandar reddy san

I'm preparing from standard books as well.


what should we do if we have not covered 90% syllabus. try to cover it ?

there is no time for that.just try to cover basic question and try to improve in the things that we have learned so far.

this pdf always helped me. (thanks to Bikram sir)

these improvement can be achieved by the following :-

trying to increase the accuracy level in mock test. we always see which questions we should attempt in mock test ...but now we should also check which questions we should leave or do later if time remains.if u are able to attempt 45 questions then don't try to increase your attempts further instead see that u do those 45 questions correctly by revising them and then if time remains solve the remaining questions.

revising 1 or 2 subject daily. it will help in maintaining the knowledge which you have build so far. do theory and numericals both even if u know them. just watch how to solve question of various types which are asked in PYQ.

mock test are for making yourself adaptable with the 3 hours. if you are not giving 3 hr test you will either panic in exam or you will be bored.see what you do in those 3 hours when you are giving mock test(analysis). what pattern of solving questions suits you manage will manage your time. what silly mistakes you perform frequently.

don't give too many mocks wont help.if you give mocks daily your marks will become constant after 2 or 3 mocks. give the mock -> see your weak points and mistakes-> revise topics-> then give mock again after u feel that u have covered your weak points.

giving mock test should not be your target....your target should be to improve yourself and check them through mocks. see that the mistakes that u have done in previous mocks should not be repeated again.

if possible u should try to get leave for some days if possible.





So nicely explained and it has really provided me clear picture.

thanks bro for your help :)


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