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Consider the following grammar:




Which of the following can be the viable prefixes?

  1. baab
  2. aab
  3. aaabab
  4. bbbaX
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Yes. How? I know how to recognize viable prefixes when a string to be parsed is given, but here no string is given??

1. baab 

b will be pushed and before pushing next letter b will be reduced to X, so baab as viable prefix is not possible

with similar reason 3 and 4 are not viable prefixes,

but aab is 


a.ab  (a is pushed,no handle found)

aa.b (a is pushed and viable prefix is aa still no handle found)

aab. (b is pushed and handle found and will be reduced in next step but aab is a valid viable prefix)

For practice you can refer this one

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viable prefixes which  is collection of symbol on top of the stack which prefixes is not replaced by any production  of the cfg.
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