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In a DLL layer, bit stuffing is used in transferring data. If the sent data after bit stuffing is 001111101101011111001111 and the flag is 01111110, then what will be the data after de-stuffing.
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0011111110101111101111 ?
Yes but how did you get that? Also if in case if flag itself is a data i.e 01111110, how would it look after bit stuffing?
in case flag is 01111110 we have to insert 1 after 5 consecutive 1's while sending data.

so remove 0's after 5 consecutive 1's.

bit stuffing is used to differentiate flag from data bits, so NEVER bit stuff flags bucause it beats the purpose of bit stuffing.
you insert 1 or 0?
We will insert 0 else it will become flag


What would we do in case where flag doesn't have 5 consecutive `1` pattern?

is it a standard method of adding 0 after every occurrences of 1s?
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