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Consider an instance of  TCP additive increase multiplicative decrease (AIMD) algorithm where the window size at the start of  the slow start phase is 2 MSS and the threshold at the start of the first transmission is  12 MSS. Assume that a time out occurs during the 7th transmission. The congestion window size at the end of 12th transmission is ______. (in MSS)

My question is, After reached to threshold, should we have to increase congestion window with 1MSS or with 2MSS.
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after threshold window size increses linearly. i.e. +1mss

Answer given in made easy, they have taken 1MSS. So i am confused.

I think answer is also wrong as they have taken 4th transimission two  times


In Case of AIMD , Remember following points to solve the questions : -

1 - Start with Given MSS (Min Seq Size)
2 - Increase the Window size in multiples of MSS till the threshold occurs
3 - Once the threshold reached , increase the window size by 1 MSS till the timeout occurs
4 - Once the timeout occurs , reduce threshold to half and again start from Given Start MSS.



I think answer is also wrong as they have taken 4th transimission two  times

The 0th transmission is 2MSS.

1st transmission is 4MSS.

Is it  compulsory to give 0th number to first transmission.
we have to count number of transmissions. . so by default we start with 1. like 1st transmission then 2nd then 3rd and so on.

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