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I have completed some amount of syllabus,I have takes some tests also,I haven’t solved all the PYQ’s of the GO book.My FLT scores are very poor.I have realized that my ability to take stress is poor one bad score and the time I take to recover increase.Any anyone tell me strategies to improve on coping up with stress and increase ability to take stress.

Just wanted to know what to do from this stage of preparation.And if possible if someone can share micro-notes if they have,would be great.

Another thing I haven’t got good sleep for the past 4 months,I just get 2 hours of good sleep in the afternoon,at night I struggle to get sleep,its like I get nightmares of failure,it like I am in this loop,whereby I am unable to wake up in the morning on time.I am scared that I might even miss the exam as I wake up late.

I just feel that Gate exam is not my cup of tea and I am wasting my time on it.
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Give a try with geeksforgeeks notes. It would help.
I have, I am not satisfied with it hence asked this question.
One thing I can tell you is, avoid taking tests.
All types of tests? Like single subject etc? Only focus on PYQ's of the GO book?
All. I have stopped taking tests. Pyq should be focused now.

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