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A token bucket scheme is used for traffic shaping. a new token is put into the bucket at every 10 micro second. assume each token pick one packet which contain 2B of data. it is observed that initial capacity of bucket is 10 Mb. the computer can transmit at full speed of 8 Mbps for _____


my question is in (C+RT) = MT

what is R? is it token arriving rate (0.1M/s) or data transmitted equivalent to token (16bits * 0.1M/s) ?
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Bucket capacity is 10Mb or 10MB?

10 mega bits @Kunal Kadian

1.5625 seconds ?

What's the ans?
@Gupta731 I wonder why have you flagged this question!!
Initial capacity = 10Mbits

Inward flow = 2B/10usec = 1.6Mbits/sec

Outward flow = 8Mbits/sec

10+1.6x = 8x => x=10/6.4 = 1.5625

yes that is given as correct answer but my question is what is R in formula? is it a token arriving rate or data transmission rate equivalent to token? @Kunal Kadian

R is token arriving rate, T is the time for which they will keep on arriving.
if R is token arriving rate the why we need to multiply it with 16 bit?
Here token arriving rate is 2 Bytes per 10 micro second = $2 × 10^5 B/s = 16 × 10^5 bits/s$
ok got it....thanks

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