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  1. Consider a TCP connection between two machines (A and B) in an environment with 0% packet loss. Assume the round trip time (RTT) between the two machines is 4 [seconds], and the segment size is 3 [Kbytes]. The bandwidth of the connection is 500 [kbps]. What is the maximum possible TCP window size for which there will be no stalling?(We say a TCP connection experiences no stalling if the acknowledgments arrive back to the sender before the sliding window over the send buffer close to zero. I.e., TCP packets are continuously, back-to-back, sent out of the sender before the first ack arrives back.)

  1. 83

  2. 84

  3. 85

  4. None of these

In explanation they mention that question framing is wrong and has to be mentioned as minimum possible window size.. Can this be possible … plz explain me how to solve this problem if it is correct….

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