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answer given as  how it is correct please check??

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 i dont even get this concept in this question means how approach how they do what they do .......plss share ur view .......


This question is wrong, the network cannot be configured with class $C$ hosts, maximum hosts can be $254$ which is less than the requirement in only $Y$ which needs $512$ hosts.

Also DBA has all network id bits as it is and the host bits are 1.

see this what is wrong ? In this so

never seen of borrowing, can't confirm if it is valid, if we can use it then it's simple, still can't be true. we need network bits as it is.
ok but check solution I commented it is correct or not.
yes i think is ok, you have $9$ bits for host so $510$ hosts required also $510$. Should be ok. DBA only hosts bits are $1$. Should be ok.

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