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A system uses selective repeat protocol with window size of 4. If each packet carries 5000 bits , then the time taken to tranfer 5 milion bits of data, if the distance between sender and receiver is 2500km , the propagation speed is 2* 10^8 m/s and data rate is 1Mbps. We assume no data or ACK is lost
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is it 7.5 sec?
answer given 11.25
i am trying to calculate the efficiency and then find the effective bandwidth.

@balchandar reddy san

@jatin khachane 1

they are sending the second round of packets once all the ack of the previous round is received.

i.e.. when all the ack of the 4 packets sent in the first round arrives we start to transmit second round. This is not how SR protocol works

Hence, the answer given is wrong.

answer should be 7.49.


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