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Consider the given below Turing Machine and identify the correct language accepted:

  1. (a+b)*aa(a+b)*
  2. b*a(bb*a)*a
  3. b*ab*a
  4. None of these

The answer is given as (1). But I think (3) is correct as well. Can anyone tell me why only (1) is correct.

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"aba" belongs to language represented by reg ex 3.

Is it accepted by the turing machine?
the language is set of all strings having two consecutive a's. so option a is correct .

for option c you can clearly se it has strings like "baba" which isn't accepted by the turing machine
aba will reach to q2 not q3
Option 2 cannot accept b*a(bbb......a)

Similarly Option 3 cannot accept abaa

But option 1 is generating abaaab which cannot be accepted.

So option D is correct i think

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consecutive a is the acceptance condition
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