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option C

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$X$ is recursive $\implies \bar X$ is also recursive.

$Y$ is r.e. but not recursive $\implies \bar Y$ is not even r.e.

$\bar X$ reduces to $W \implies $ $W$ is recursive or a super set of it.

$\bar Y$ reduces to $Z \implies $ $Z$ is not even r.e.

Correct Answer: C. 

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Compliment(REC)=REC                                                 X=REC

Compliment (RE but recursive) = RE                                

Compliment (RE but not recursive) = Not RE                     Y=RE but not REC

i.e W=Compliment(X)=REC

    Z=Compliment(Y)=Not RE

D) is correct
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x complement recursive and y complement not RE hence option D
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