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Let P be a non-deterministic pushdown automaton (NPDA) with exactly one state, q, and exactly one symbol, Z, in its stack alphabet. State q is both the starting as well as the accepting state of the PDA. The stack is initialized with one Z before the start of the operation of the PDA. Let the input alphabet of the PDA be S. Let L(P) be the language accepted by the PDA by reading a string and reaching its accepting state. Let N(P) be the language accepted by the PDA by reading a string and emptying its stack.

Which of the following statement is TRUE?

  1. L(P) is necessarily ∑* but N(P) is not necessarily ∑*

  2. N(P) is necessarily ∑* but L(P) is not necessarily ∑*

  3. Both L(P) and N(P) is necessarily ∑*

  4. Neither L(P) nor N(P) are necessarily ∑*

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