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Q.Consider a network connecting two systems connected 2000 Km apart. The band width of the network is 70 Mbps. The propagation speed of the signal is 2 × 10 m/sec and average size of the frame is 10 KB. Assume processing delays at nodes are negligible. Selective repeat sliding window protocol is used to utilize the full capacity of the network. The minimum bits required to represent the window size is

(A) 7 bits

(B) 8 bits

(C) 9 bits

(D) 10 bits

they have taken 10 KB as 10 x 10^3 bits , how?
it should be multiplied with 8 to convert frame to bits.

correct me if i m wrong.

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If we convert then

answer is 6 bits , right?
what is answer, is answer c?
yes for me too answer was coming 6 bit

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