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Consider Dijkstra's algorithm in linked state routing protocol at node $u.$ Professor Ram first sets the route for each directly connected node $v.$ to be the link connecting $u$ to $v.$ Ram then implements the rest of the algorithm correctly, aiming to produce minimum cost ... and link costs where all routing table entry will be correct. $D)$ Both $A)$ and $B)$ How Dijkstra working here?
asked May 14, 2019 in Computer Networks srestha 151 views
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Consider a very large network $10000$ routers. Two host $A$ and $B$ connected with this network. Host $A$ sends a data to host $B$. and after some unit of time host $A$ receives $ICMP$ time exceed message for the samedata packet. The number of router ... some distance some ICMP message generated? Say if $ICMP$ message generated in $9999th$ router, then where it give error of time exceed message?
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The round trip delay between X and Y is given as 60 ms and bottle neck bandwidth of link between X and Y is 512 KBps. What is the optimal window size (in packets) if the packet size is 64 bytes and channel is full duplex. As it is mentioned that channel is full duplex , so will it be changing the approach to solve the question?
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100 stations on a pure Aloha network share a 1 MBPS channel. if frames are 1000 bits long, find the throughput if each station is sending 10 frames per second
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