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Shouldnt it be on when both the switches are on???… and if the switches work irrespective of the other switch then why are we dependent on the other switch..

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yes should be OR gate.

I wonder why made easy has provided have a doubt link.🤣

yaaa... it is just a showpiece.. well nut the problem is for or even if one is on the bulb will be or but what it Some one switches the switch off then shouldnt it be off ... like doesnt the present state depend on the input of the recent switch??
yes it depends. they have given wrong question and wrong answer.

like s1 =1 (on) s2=1(on)

then we make s1=0 and s2 is still 1. and output becomes 0. ( as switch is turned off).

so it is giving s1 =0 s2 =1 and output =0.

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