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Match the following:
$$\begin{array}{|cc|cc|} \hline (i) &LL(1)&(A)& \text{bottom-up} \\ \hline (ii)& \text{Recursive Descent}& (B) &\text{Predictive} \\ \hline (iii) &\text{Recursive Ascent}& (C)& \text{Top-down} \\ \hline (iv) &LR(1) &(D)& \text{Deterministic CFL} \\ \hline \end{array}$$

  1. i-b; ii-c; iii-a; iv-d
  2. i-d; ii-a; iii-c; iv-d
  3. i-c; ii-b; iii-d; iv-a
  4. i-a; ii-c; iii-b; iv-d
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@Arjun Sir, 

option C is correct one. pls update this.


LL(1) is bottom-up parser.

 A form of recursive-descent parsing that does not require any back-tracking is known as predictive parsing

III and IV both can map to bottom-up parsing

Yes, but in Match the following you should pick the most suitable one. Only LR(1) can match to DCFL though if it is not there, anything on LHS can map to it.
I also marked C :(
This is just trial right - be careful on the D-day :)

1 Answer

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Option C is correct
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