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Which of the following statements regarding $LR(0)$ parser is FALSE?

  1. A $LR(0)$ configurating set cannot have multiple reduce items
  2. A $LR(0)$ configurating set cannot have  both shift as well as reduce items
  3. If a reduce item is present in a $LR(0)$ configurating set it cannot have any other item
  4. A $LR(0)$ parser can parse any regular grammar
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Sir, cannot we have a reduce move and a GOTO action in same canonical item ?
Not for LR(0) parser
I just realized how dumb that question was. Sorry sir
If there is a reduce move we place it only in the action part right???

So what happens when we have a reduce item and Goto item in the same state??
When we reduce using a production say $A \to Bcd$, we pop 3 items from stack - since production used for REDUCE has 3 symbols, and move to a state given by GOTO(S, A) where S is the stack top after the pop moves.

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No grammar with empty production can be LR(0). But empty rules are allowed in regular grammar as the only condition for a grammar to be regular is to be either left linear or right linear.
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@Arjun sir, isn't B false?

Yes. Just corrected the option
Sir, can we say that since a given regular grammar can be ambiguous and LR(0) parsers can't parse any ambiguous grammar, so option (d) is false ?
Can you give an ambiguous regular grammar?

Ambiguous Regular:

S→A | B


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