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consider the grammar G:   S->A|B        A->a|c      B->b|c where {S,A,B} are non-terminals,{a,b,c} are terminals.

Does LR(1) can parse all strings that are generated by grammar G.?

Please any one help me to how to check it?
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Only way is " Constructing the LR(1) items ", if there is no conflicts, then it is OK

Note that, it should be unambiguous grammar first !
@ shaik Masthan, I am new to this.will you please explain this example  in detail.
if you don't know about Bottom-Up parsers, just left it !

1 Answer

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The above given grammar is not LL(1) so it is not LR(1) as well. You can first check it for ll(1).
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