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The major difference betwen

Full binary tree, Complete binary tree, and strict binary tree
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A full binary tree in which all internal node will have 2 children all leaf nodes(last level) will have 0 childrens.

A complete binary tree is in which tree is filled as much as left as possible. Like in heap we make complete binary tree.(First all left side nodes are filled than we fill the right sub-tree).

A strict binary tree will be if every non-leaf node is filled with a node. No non;leaf node will be empty.
Hi, please try to use Google before posting any trivial questions.

Hi, @Sasta_yoda 

See, What corman says

And now see what narasimha karumanchi says

And when i googled it then i found karumachi's defination correct. But corman is suggested by many topper that's why i thought it's better to ask someone.


Lemme settle this once and for all. Whenever you see such ambiguity there is a very high chance that the standard book is correct. Karumachi is a local author, moreover please know in Gate they always mention the definition if they feel it might have ambiguity.
Ok, thanks.

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