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which value do we have to return when the question is like this …..what is the window size at the end of nth transmission?

do we have to return window size at nth transmission or window size of (n+1)th  transmission ...there always comes a single value gap which sometimes comes out to be true in test series and sometimes false? pls clarify this ..don’t want to loose marks if this comes in actual gate exam.

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we have to return window size of N+1 th transmission.

read this



they concluded it as nth transmission, but you are saying it is n+1 th, right ?

i saw that in some places they have taken for N+1th and in other they have taken Nth. bcoz at the end 12th may or may not become 13. At the end means 12 ended and 13th started or like as discussed in above discussion.

gate question will either mention it clearly or they will provide a range in the answer.

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