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Easy than last year
i dont think it was easy bro
I screwed up royally... Paper was lengthy and tricky no way I could have solved and come up with right answers for each in under 5 mins . God bless me
Some questions was too easy as usual

Bt more questions was tricky and time consuming. All over i think it was more difficult than previous year.
Questions were easy but lengthy and time consuming . Nervousness got better of me or I could have done well !!
The aptitude part was easy and so were most of the 1 mark questions. But for me the 2 mark questions were tricky and lengthy, and as you see time ticking away and you have so many more questions to solve, you start panicking and making blunders. Let's hope all of us made the least of those blunders.
How many of you feel that given the level of exam top 200 rankers mark range would be 80+?
I dont think so.
No way not 80+ that's too high, I think few in top 200 will be in 68/69
Good that sounds like a reasonable assessment i guess i am overestimating the competition :P
Ya Almost every year ranks and Gate Score remains same for given Marks , only in year 2012 , all changed as 12/14 marks were given to everyone, Their were too many mistakes in that printed sheet of paper

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This was my first time appearing for GATE and this is completely my opinion. I didn't find the question paper easy. I think it was standard. I found the aptitude part quiet easy though.
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[email protected][email protected]!! was not expecting this
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I think paper was moderate, you have been tested majorly on deep concepts(slightly tricky). But yeah I admit the paper was time consuming.

Dont know how many people attempted 65/65 questions.😅

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