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Which are the best Test-Series for gate 2020.In terms of quality of question and for practice purposes.

Just solving PYQ’s is it enough?
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Hi @sripo ,
I would like to take a minute to answer it .
At first be thorough with the syllabus , depth and breadth both matter very much. Then start solving PYQ's , by solving it doesn't only mean to get the correct answer , but to know exactly how you'd have approached the problem in real time(One thing which I didn't do much) . The concept behind the problem should be clear , and you must dive deep into the very minute details about the problem .
Once you've a habit of it , and have solved PYQ's thoroughly , you can then start giving test series , the best I know with minimum errors and non-mind-boggling problems(here I am referring to non-legit ones) is gatebook test series , the questions are very good .
Is it recommended to solve exercise questions of all standard text books or atleast some.

If so please recommend me of which books should I be solving exercise questions.
To analyse the best test series, one must first know the reasons why one should give one.

Test series should be given primarily to simulate the environment and be prepared for what you are going to face in the actual exam. Like it should be used to formulate the strategy that you are going to adopt for the exam.

The other reason the tests can be given are for testing of the knowledge that how much you have been able to grasp. These tests should be really authentic and accurate and adhering to syllabus.

Whichever test you give and after its completion you must analyse it completely so that if you encounter a similar question again you must do it correctly. And never feel bad or demoralise yourself if you score low, try to think of it as a learning exercise so that you don't commit the same mistake in the actual exam.

Now I will not comment on a xyz name or so. But yeah the approach should be like one should first go for the subject wise tests in the preparation phase and then after most of the subject's are done then focus on the full length tests. The tests on GO are excellent and you can even bookmark a question and add the same to your favorites. And yeah the previous year questions are the best reference for the questions.

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First of all those who are looking for tests -- are you scoring "at least 50+" in previous year papers?

If not you should first do it -- you must be lacking some topic knowledge or English skills or problem solving skills. Being strong in Discrete Mathematics and C Programming is yet another required skill.

After you get to score 50+ (ideally 80+ if you have already seen the questions) then only going for tests matter.

Of all the tests for GATE I would recommend those where questions are from good University Exercises -- you can know this with the help of Google. But as told above; unless you complete the previous steps, tests do not really matter.

Standard book exercises are also like this - another icing in the cake. If you have build the cake, you can do it. You do not have to really worry about which book and all, this year we will add most of the questions in GO.
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Thank you Sir for answering the question.I have already given gate twice and unable to qualify cutoff.First attempt was a casual attempt.The second attempt I prepared for just 4 months but again was unable to clear due to exam temperament and not being confident in selecting the answers which were correct.I have taken a drop for my second attempt.I feel that maybe I lack problem solving skills.I feel that maybe if I new twisted question comes I might solve it otherwise but in those 3 hours with the pressure I might struggle.I feel that maybe I lack in aptitude.I am aware of the mistakes I have made in my prep.

Is it recommended that I solve all the questions of the GO book including the ones in the 1980s and 1990's or only the previous 10-15 years?

So what should I do? How does one improve with their problem solving skills is there another method to improve problem solving skills idk maybe like playing chess or something?

Should I give another shot at gate cause I wasn't very satisfied with my gate prep.
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GATEoverflow and previous year questions are good enough. If you want the paid ones be vary that some questions are wrong and they can be time consuming. So they will at best help you only in how to manage time. I was getting in 30s in one of the test series that I bought, which brought my confidence low. Good way to judge is to see if there was difference in your test series score and actual GATE day, you can check answer keys; was your gate score higher than the ones in test series, were you able to attempt more
How much did you get in the actual Gate exam then?
I was able to attempt more bro but i got less than 25. Cause i tried to compensate for my low confidence, i took more risk, if I had not done this, I would have managed to score 35. What about you bro, how much you manage to get
Exact same story :(
I am also having same story One advice I can give you is that you should focus on accuracy in answering questions i.e You must perform maximum at the base of your knowledge. I also got just 36.67 but I was sure that I didnt make much mistakes so (38-1.3=36.67).

You should not compensate your speed with accuracy.

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