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Which one of the following statements is NOT correct about the B+ tree data structure used for creating an index of a relational database table?

  1. B+ Tree is a height-balanced tree
  2. Non-leaf nodes have pointers to data records
  3. Key values in each node are kept in sorted order
  4. Each leaf node has a pointer to the next leaf node
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B is the correct answer.
No $\mathbf{B}$ is the wrong answer which is correct. :)

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Properties of B+ trees:
1. B+ tree is height balance tree.
2. Key value is in sorted order.
3. Leaf node has pointer to next leaf node.
4. Non leaf node has pointer to a node (leaf or non leaf) and not pointer to data record.

Option B is not correct.
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@Digvijay Pandey

is B tree also height balance tree??

as like B+ tree in B also all leaf are same node so B is also height balanced tree 

am I correct?


@jlimbasiya, yes! you are correct, B-tree is also height balanced tree:)


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