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The expenditure on the project _____ as follows: equipment Rs.$20$ lakhs, salaries Rs.$12$ lakhs, and contingency Rs.$3$ lakhs.

  1. break down
  2. break
  3. breaks down
  4. breaks
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this question was for 1 marks or 2?

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$\rightarrow$ Break down means to separate something into smaller parts.

$\rightarrow$ The subject-word agreement states that

Singular nouns go with singular verbs while plural nouns go with plural verbs.

$\rightarrow$ Expenditure is singular noun and its plural form is expenditures.

The expenditure (singular noun) in the project breaks (singular verb used in the phrase) down as follows 

$\rightarrow$ The above statement satisfies the subject verb agreement and hence, the correct option is $C$

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Well explained
But breaks is plural form of break

How answer C) then
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Breaks down since it means classification into parts
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Breaks down means separated


 classify the thing into smaller parts.
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c) Breaks Down
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