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any idea, what will be the rank for marks 35 in gate 19.I really messed by exam. Any chances for NIT's. ?
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I am sorry to say that it might be quiet difficult to get into a good college, and doing masters is not worth doing from a good one. I will be following this question to see the response from experience as I am also trying (Marks: 48.67 as per predictor: to get into a good college.

Furthermore, it would be helpful if someone will list out the available options to save a year. I would be really thankful for the same.

Available Options as per my point of view (ISI C, IIIT H, BITS-P, IIIT Alahbaad, Bits Hyd/Goa, DTU/NSIT, CMI )

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Hi..are you from OC/OBC quota
I am from OBC Quota. But, I have been warned regarding the same for discriminations students faces due to the reservation and the peer group they end up to. Still, I am only a novice in this category and am seeking advice from the experienced ones.
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