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For ~77 marks (GO Estimated AIR 53-55, Score ~882) in GATE 2019, is there a chance of getting direct admission into IISc or IIT Bombay/Delhi? The rank has been dropping steadily in the last few days. I’m very confused as I would like to plan and prepare for the interviews accordingly if direct admissions seem improbable. GO has taken me this far but I’ll need a little more help :D

Any insights would be really appreciated!
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Hey, You will get IITD and IITB for sure. I am not very sure about IISc. because last year IISc cut off was around 51 rank

Also, if you want to do coursework and not Research, then I prefer IITB over IISc, but I do not know why are toppers preferring IISc over IITB. IITB has better teachers. This is my personal opinion, You should contact other IISc and IITB students and take their point of view before making a choice.
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IISc : with a very high probability.

IITB: definitely

IITD: last year direct admission criteria was gate score 900 and CGPA>8.5 or 85 %
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