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By Gateoverflow score predictor, I was getting 40.67 GATE score in CSE. I belong to OC(General Category). This is my 3rd attempt. I'm a 2016 passed out CSE candidate. Help me in suggesting a good college which will ensure placements. Any other suggestions are welcomed. Contact no. 8686384807.

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I don't think there are good colleges (like top IIT and NIT) that you can get with 40 marks. Still there are IIIT H , IIITB and BITS HD exams that conduct their own exam. The fees is quite high but they are worth it. specially IIITH. Prepare for them and give your best.

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If you are currently working somewhere then you should not think of doing M.Tech (if the placement is your point of concern) because at this score you will not get good college. 2 years of stipend and back at the same spot.

If those 3 years are of the gap then you should definitely think of going for something else as 3 years is a long time. Try searching for a job with a gate qualified tag, it might work.

Last take any college kickoff you M.Tech, prepare for easier exams like UGC NET-JRF and eventually becoming Assistant. Prof or Research Scholar. This is a slow, steady, and safe path at an expense of less earning.
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