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I am getting 71 marks in gate 2019 as per gateoverflow predictor and i think this time number candidates who are getting good score are more compare to last year. So which iit i can get into. Please be specific . I am from general category.
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You can try for these four: IITK, IITKGP, IITG, IITR

1) IITK (The person with the least gate score who got admission is with the AIR:295)

2) IITKGP (Last Rank:190)

3) IITG (Last Rank:320)

4) IITR (Last Rank:350)
I do not know last year but previously those with even 500+ ranks have got to IITK.
IITK calls for written test till rank around 450 but it gives 70% weightage to gate score and only 30% to written test. So until and unless you perform exceptionally better than other top rankers there, you have minimal chance of getting through it. (If you have a rank beyond 300)

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