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Is this gate overflow rank prediction 2019 working  fine because it seem more marks are needed for good rank as compare to previous years
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There is "NO PREDICTION" in the current rank. Currently 28,000 aspirants have submitted their responses and the rank shown is out of those 28000.

If you see the marks to get same rank as in 2018 is pretty high. I do not know the exact reason but mostly this is due to some typical topics being missing from the paper and more importance given to Mathematics and Aptitude thus giving some advantage to freshers. This year aspirants bought nearly 1000 GO hardcopies as compared to just 70 last year. This might have also increased the marks especially of first timers who are not really familiar with GATE Overflow site. Anyway writing on the wall is clear for future aspirants -- 70+ is required to be safe. If you have no hope for this, better try something else than giving GATE. (Those scoring 45+ should have decent chances in other exams like BARC, IIITH PGEE etc.)

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@   Sorry to hack this thread, but I've no other way to contact you. The thing I'm gonna ask, is when pending verification will be done. I can totally understand if you're busy, but I'm just concerned is my verification request got lost.

We got a lot of verification requests recently. Will be getting someone to do the verification soon. Meanwhile did you get any notice that your account is verified?
Alright, thank you! No, I didn't get any notice, but my account got verified.

@Arjun Sir I  am getting 54 marks and I am in OBC CATEGORY, Sir is there any chance of getting old IIT.

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