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Is the rank of 631/28326 a good rank?

What college I must apply to? or any advice/suggestion will be helpful and r welcome.

Marks – 61.67
Accuracy – 98%+ (Only 1 -ve in Tag bit question)
Category – SC but ok with OPEN too.

Thank You in Advance (^_^)
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I don't think there will be that many SC people with a better mark thanks you. So Congratulations. You should be getting any direct admissions possible. Might need to wait for 2nd or 3rd list -- but no price for it.

Also really happy with your score because I see some SC people asking me I'm SC and what is the minimum mark needed to get IITs and then again asking if I mug up only these and so will I get that. Most of them won't even qualify GATE is the reality. Prepare like anyone and when you get privilege of being in a community -- take it. That's what everyone should do.

To be clear to your exact question you should apply to IISc CSA TA and IITB TA and you should be getting both or at least one.
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Thank You @Arjun Sir for such an helpful answer :):)

I agree with you on the point where Category student are depending on reservation and are failing to give their 100%.
People like Kalpit Veerval(CSE IITB, JEE 360/360, Limca records) and Tina Dabi(IAS Topper) are my ideals who were the toppers of their field and gave their best. I BELIVE RESERVATION doesn't means that any category student score less. Though it ensure us a seat to nullify biased society, Why not obtain a seat with a good rank.

I support reservation too and wish it be there in private sector too not just for Dalits but for Mulsims, Gay, Women and even UpperCast/Rich people who are biased because of cast, religion and sex though this people have talent, good family background they are rejected in interviews, not given raise/appraisel, unequivally paid, boycoted in social circle and are bullied.
(Reservation : Equality :: Scholarship-Freeship : FinancialStability) that is why even a cororpati person has right for reservation because he can be discriminated too. Even powerful people like our president was not allowed to enter temple because of being dalit.

My father is a peon and thank full to this system and democracy that I will study at IIT and hope to serve our nation with whatever way I could.
I had 94% in 10th, took SC seat in my Diploma they CRITICISED me.
I workd hard took admission in OPEN seat for BTech They still criticised me.
No one have problem with reservation, But the real issue is Rich VS Poor. People in the world are competitive and hate seeing weeker person grow higher than them irrespective of the cast or race.

Note: This are my views based on the knowledge I had. If I am wrong somewhere let me know afterall view can be curated and changed.


I would like to end my note Thanking to Gate Overflow Community for helping me pass GATE19 with good marks. I never felt any kind of discrimination on this forum and GO always motivated me to score higher and better.
Thank You @Arjun Sir for building such a great community and helping student without charging any money. Thank You :):)

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