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Gate answer key says the answer of 2 Input NOR Gate as 4.
asked in GATE by Active (1.2k points) | 2.6k views
It will be only be 3 GATES
Yes, It should be 3. Will be rectified in the final key hopefully.
what abt terminate one?can we get marks to all for that question
I don't think so. However if you feel it should be, you should challenge.

5 Answers

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I don't know if it makes sense but answer can be 4 if we don't convert the expression in POS form. From SOP form, it will take 4 gates. If the question implies this restriction!
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The question in no-way implies that.
Minimum number of NOR Gates required are 3.

Note:- Minterm and Product term are different.

Every Minterm can be Product term but not vice versa.

For example, in a 4 variable function, term "BD" is product term but not minterm. Because, Minterms are terms that should contain every variable either in true or complemented form. The term "BD" doesn't contain both A and C either in true or complemented term.

Whereas the term "ABCD" is a minterm for a 4 variable function and it is equal to 15.


Let's come to the question now. The function is expressed in sum of minterms. Now we have to minimize it. We can minimize it into either SOP or POS as there are no restrictions on the questions.

So, using 3 NOR gate, we can minimize.
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4 is right answer I solved it twice by Sum of product not Product of sum.

Hopefully you will get this If you challenge they have solution which contain 4 gates.
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3 will be right answer
There is no point of solving it as SOP or POS. The question only said that the function is expressed in SOP form using the given values, they didn't ask you to define a concept and design the circuit in SOP form only.
Hopefully, you missed out on basics.

which Concept says not to use sop or pos while minimizing no. of gates?
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This is my supporting document

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will we have to challenge that question aur it automatically rectified??
answered by (271 points)
Someone needs to challenge
i will challenge both the questions
Did some one challenged the minimum nor gates question.. Plz tell me asap
i had not challenged it yet
Yeah I have challenged the NOR gate question in favour of 3.
can u pls attach the pdf u had presented as supporting documents
can u please attach the photo of your supporting documents asap
have a look at it.I had attached the supprting document

Thanks @mradul for challenging. I thought everything will be correct in the key and forgot to check the key released by them. Yesterday  only I came to know that answer for this question is wrong. But by yesterday, I couldn't challenge as the time was over.

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It should be 3. please someone challenge yaar.
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