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Rank Estimate 800 - 994
Current Rank 800 / 31715

Expected Score 707.52 

My Marks 60

Category: OBC – NCL

College Predictor says that i can get IIT G/R/H and Top NITs also, I just want to know should i apply for IIIT H also ?

I don’t know what’ll be my final rank but i hope it should be under 900. I don’t know if my Rank is stable right now or it will further go down from here.

Do i still have chance in IITs ? 

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Apply for IITK and prepare for basic coding, you will definitely get through
This year I am also having the same marks and the same predicted score also belongs to OBC NCL can I expect old IIT'S??


1) Prepare for IITK coding exam

2) Apply for IITR and IITG, you have a chance

3) and also apply to IITG Datascience, which has an exam for which you should visit IITG (If you are interested)..You have a higher chance here,even if you perform marginally well.

4) also apply to other older IITs.

Thanks for your response 👍

Can you tell me what you got in 5th or further rounds with this score??

It will be helpful!!

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You should definitely apply to IIIT-H anyway. It conducts its own exam - PGEE. The college being despite new is on par with the old IITs.
I second that. You will most probably get either of the two IITs but there is no harm in applying for IIIT-H, for the worst case scenario.
Hi @Ahabnnc

As you have said on this marks most probably either of 2 IIT'S can get can I also expect the same??

For same score and cast?

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