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(Public Key Notation) Alice and Bob are spouses and each making their own wills. They want to send a copy to their attorney Charlie that only Charlie can read and that shows Alice’s will signed by Alice and seen by Bob and Bob’s will signed by Bob and seen by Alice. Using the notation in the slides. What would be the notation of a message that accomplishes this task?
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$E_{K_{A}}\left ( M \right )$

$D_{K_{B}}\left ( M \right )$
could you elaborate?

 Alice’s will signed by Alice and seen by Bob and Bob’s will signed by Bob and seen by Alice.
It is case of digital signature

In digital signature authentication not required

So, Say Alice=A

and Bob=B

when alice send,there is a pubic key , which seen by atorney and a private key, which seen by Bob

Now if we represent encrypted public key as $+$ and private key as $-$


$K_{B}^{-}\left ( K_{A} ^{+}\left ( Message \right )\right )$


Thanks a lot! @srestha

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