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Consider a disk with an average seek time of $4$ ms.

Motor speed 15000RPM

512B sector

500 sector per track

A file occupies all of the sectors on $5$ tracks

Each track reading requires average seek time and average rotational delay

  • What will be transfer time of $1$ track?
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@Shaik Masthan


plz verify

mam, I think transfer rate/speed should be given in question.

Transfer time for 1 track = (total data available in 1 track)/ Transfer speed = (500*512 Bytes)/ transfer speed.

If we consider that data of 1 track is transferred in 1 rotation.

Then 15000 RPM means 15000 rotations in 1 minute (or) 1 rotation in 1/15000 minutes (or) data of 1 track can be transferred in 1/15000 minutes.


then what will be answer

 (500*512 Bytes)/ transfer speed.?


1/15000 minutes. ?

if we take a real life example

Can we think transfer time means transfer time means just some byte is transferring?

What is transfer time actually means?

mam, 1/15000 min since transfer rate is not given. Here , Arjun sir also has done the same thing. 

transfer time simply means time taken to transfer some data from one place to other.

Ii am getting 30.04

It is asking for 1 track

1 track means 500 sector

and 1 sector can store 512B

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