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I’m having 69.5% aggregate in Will i be eligible for IIT MS interview i have a gate score of 676.15(2019 obc ncl)?
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Bro, do you have got mail for written test 0n 30 April in IIT Madras for MS ?
Yes bro I have been shortlisted, but my gate score is 655.  676 was my predicted gate score that time.

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Programming test, written test and interviews at IIT Gandhinagar for M Tech admissions for CS students completed on 8th May and results are to be declared on 29th May. I wanted to know the link for results of previous year so we can get idea about ... gone terribly wrong. We can also start a thread on sharing interview experiences by all 72 candidates shortlisted for interviews. Thank You.
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#admissions If anyone receives any update regarding opening of admission process in any IIT please comment. If there is any existing post then let us know. IISc has started it. IITB not yet. IITD/IITM not sure.
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Can anyone please provide the link or saved Google Sheets for final admissions at IIT Gandhinagar for 2017. This year it is going to be announced on 29th May. I just want to know that final result after interview process includes individual names or just the cut off marks. Also it would be great if everyone can share their interview experiences at IIT Gandhinagar for M Tech admissions 2018.
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I checked the website of IIT Mandi and my name is there on the shortlisted list for MS in CS. The date for next round given is 30th May. But no other details is given as to where will I get my call letter, timings for next round, what will be the next round etc. ... guide me what to do next. I did not receive any mail from IIT Mandi. I saw my name on the official shotlisted list on the website.
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