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Match the following

List 1

  1. Link time
  2. load time
  3. compile time
  4. Run time

List 2

     A. Resolving references

     B. Relocation

     C. Token Recognition

     D. Activation record

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2 Answers

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1.Link Time :        References/Symbol Resolution

2.Load Time:        Relocation more specifically Absolute code Generation

3.Compile Time : Token Analysis in Lexical Analysis

4.Run Time :          Activation record (Procedure are pushed into stack and sub procedure are taken in Consideration its all done at Run Time)

Ref: Runtime Environments

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Linker do main task symbol resolution.conversion of relocatable code to relocatable addresses .

Loader perform program loading and also relocation.

Compile time =》Token recognition

Allocation of activation records in runtime environment.
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