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Will gate rank predictor be revised according to the official and final answer key?
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GO Rank Predictor has updated...Now the official keys are there..
are you sure?? has been updated or will update??
I don't think rank predictor is updated. Because I can see that correct answer option for those questions are still same
It was updated yesterday. But answer on the interface is only the first one if multiple ones are there. Marks are given for both.
Thank you sir for the confirmation.
So rank according to predictor does not require all candidates to paste their URL. Is it run on all the existing 34000 odd URLs of response keys?
Answer key was changed only for a few rt? It should be less than 1000 people and most of them would have resubmitted their URLs. We haven't automatically updated their marks -- would have done had any answer key got completely changed which interestingly never happened after Pragys app came to existence :)
Hi Arjun Sir,

By mistake, I have already applied for obc certificate to participate in ccmt counseling. I will get the certificate in 5 days mostly (before start of April). Now only I found that, as per the previous year ccmt brochure, obc certificate should be issued on or after april 1. So, should I have to get it again. Please reply if possible

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It seems only question 12 (hamilton cycle) and 42 (inode) are allowed to have one more answer. Rest are same.
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