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Consider the delay of pure ALOHA versus slotted ALOHA at low load. Which one is
less? Explain your answer.
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2 Answers

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Delay of Pure Aloha will be less. Because as the load is low the number of collision will be less.

In slotted Aloha station can tranmit only at the start of time slot. so delay will more as compared to pure aloha
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when the load is low, collisions will be less and there are more chances of a frame to be transmitted successfully. in pure ALOHA a station will transmit a frame whenever it is ready

But in case of slotted ALOHA even if the load is low a station has to wait for the start of next time slot to transmit its frame(even if the frame is ready)

Hence, delay in slotted ALOHA will be more(stations have to wait for the next time slot)
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