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Is this the correct way to solve ?

Q) int algorithm(int n)
   int sum =0;k,j;
   for (k=0;k<n/2;k++)
  return 4*algorithm(n/2)*algorithm(n/2)+algorithm(n/2)*algorithm(n/2)

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By the for loops ==> 10.$\frac{n}{2}$ ===> C$_1$.$\frac{n}{2}$.

$\text{return 4}*\color{red}{\text{algorithm}(\frac{n}{2})}*\color{green}{\text{algorithm}(\frac{n}{2})}+\color{magenta}{\text{algorithm}(\frac{n}{2})}*\color{blue}{\text{algorithm}(\frac{n}{2})} $

Total four times(red,blue,green,magenta) you are recalling the original problem with the size of half of input.

Note that, the return value is different, and the calls are different.

Totally ===> T(n) = C$_1$.$\frac{n}{2}$ + 4.T($\frac{n}{2}$) = 4.T($\frac{n}{2}$) + n

you have written $4T(n/2)*T(n/2)$ for 4*algorithm(n/2)*algorithm(n/2) but 4*algorithm(n/2)*algorithm(n/2) means multiply the return value of algorithm(n/2) by 4 and then again multiply it with return value of algorithm(n/2). * is used for multiplication. if you write 4T(n/2) it means we are calling algorithm(n/2) 4 times , here "4" does not mean we are multiplying by 4 in return value of algorithm(n/2).

Here, 4*algorithm(n/2)*algorithm(n/2)+algorithm(n/2)*algorithm(n/2) involves 3 multiplication and 1 addition operation which are of constant cost i.e. O(1) for each function call and here overall we are calling algorithm(n/2) 4 times and O(n/2) extra cost due to loops in the code.

So, Recurrence relation for the above code can be written as :-

$T(n) = 4T(n/2) + O(n)$
$T(n)=4*T(n/2)*T(n/2)+ T(n/2)*T(n/2) + 10*O(n/2))\\ T(n)=(T(n/2)^{2})(4+1) + O(n)\\ T(n)=5T(n/2)^{2} + O(n)$

Why the expression isn't like the one above?
time complexity means howmany times the sub problems are recursively called...

after that, you will multiply them for returning the value which takes o(1) times.
Thanks, got it.. :)

@Shaik Masthan now my doubt is clear, thanks a lot


@Shaik Masthan,Bhai but in above example the code has been used 3 times. However,since 4*T(n/2) has been mentioned therefore,the code used 4 times. Am I right?

noo brother, read one more time the previous comments !

is it 3 times or 4 times used check ome more time ?

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