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@arjunsir  @pragyAgrawal Is the career suggestion link in gate college predictor working? I haven't received any mail regarding the same.

I have 64.33/100 marks and 737/1000 score. My rank is 498 in General category. Please suggest which colleges I should focus on. How do I gauge which colleges I can get?
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You should/should have been preparing for IIT Interviews. 

Can watch this

You can try for IIT-K , IITD (EET) Computer Technology, IIT-H , IITB RA. (All will be having tests or interview)
Sir can you please help as to how to prepare for getting selected in the interview? What all to do daily inorder to get selected? Do we need to go through  research papers of iit / iisc profs? Should we practice more questions related to gate topics so as to be in touch and answer the questions asked rapidly ? What type of preparation is needed? Pls list down the required set of activities we should do.
Which cllg u got finally

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