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A computer on a 6-Mbps network is regulated by a token bucket. The token bucket is
filled at a rate of 1 Mbps. It is initially filled to capacity with 8 megabits. How long
can the computer transmit at the full 6 Mbps?
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1.6 second

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let T be the taken to transmit full 6Mbps

then maximum number of capacity of bucket in Tsec is c+rT.

then in 1sec=c+rT/T=maximum capacity(M)




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Max transmission rate, M=6 Mbps

Token arrival rate, R=1 Mbps

Capacity of token bucket, C=8 Mb

Time duration in which a computer will transmit in full speed=$\frac{C}{M-R}$=$\frac{8}{6-1}$=$\frac{8}{5}$=1.6 sec
by Active
What if token arrival rate is 6 Mbps?
Tokens are arriving using full Bandwidth

time duration=$\frac{8}{6-6}$=infinite duration

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